Hello, my name is Thida (pronounced TEE-da). Many of you are probably wondering where Gick comes from. Well, Gick is my Thai nickname. Most Thais have quite long names, so most of us have nicknames to make life easier!

But I digress. What I actually wanted you all to know is that, I LOVE FASHION, and have so for as long as I can remember. Even as a toddler, I was already picking out my own outfits and dressing myself. It wasn’t easy being my own stylist during those early years, but I’m sure I saved my mom a ton of heartache by doing it all myself.

In general, my style really depends on my mood for the day. It can be feminine, bold or simply classic. Themes can vary, but ruffles and lace are personal favorites. And whenever I get the chance, I absolutely love creating new, chic looks from dated pieces.

The various looks I post here should better illustrate for you my thoughts on fashion and further define my particular style. This blog is meant to connect and inspire people who are just as passionate about fashion as I am. Hopefully, all of you will enjoy the experience here and find the site informative and worthwhile.

Everything is still a work in progress, though, so please stop by often! Thank you so much for visiting!



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